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The Pallet Truck Specialists   

Who Are We?

A dedicated team of technicians and office staff, with decades of experience on pallet trucks and manual handling equipment. Working with many large and small companies throughout the Uk, in a range of industries from Food production to manufacturing and distribution.

What is the Difference between CRM and others

While we can't speak directly for other companies, We can promise our customers the best level of service through direct contact with your technician, our technicians operate with honesty and integrity at all times, and with our transparent charges our customers can be reassured their best interests are being catered for at all times.

Do we need our pallet trucks servicing regularly?

Yes, especially if you want them to last and be safe for the operators.

There has over the years, been an increase in legal cases regarding accidents in the workplace, while Forklift accidents are more severe and publicised, Accidents involving pallet trucks are equally damaging to a company and can result in severe injuries to the operator. 

Were safety is concerned there is no compromise, we recommend all companies to have at least 1 inspection visit per year.

A standard manual pallet truck has to comply with PUWER 98 regulations, this regulation stipulates that the pallet truck is required to be inspected by a competent person at regular intervals. This could be a member of staff if you deem them competent to carry out this task, although it is recommended that an independent person carries our this task. 

A highlift pallet truck has to comply with both PUWER 98 and LOLER regulations, The Loler regulation cannot be carried out by a member of staff, and would need to be carried out by a reputable company.

CRM Pallet Trucks carry out PUWER 98 and LOLER examinations 

We've booked a service or repair with CRM, What should we expect?

Firstly, Thank you for your order.

Once the details have been received in our service office, a service co-ordinator will check through the details of the order and check the proximity of a technician to your company, Once this has been completed either the service co-ordinator or the service technician will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit your site and carry out the work.

Once the technician arrives on site, has been directed to a safe area to work and informed of any defects or issues with the pallet trucks, they will carry out the work requested in a professional manner, and were required, consult with the site contact any details regarding the work.

All equipment will be checked for the appropriate data plate, the data plate will have a unique ID number which will be specific to your equipment, this unique ID number will be shown on both the worksheet and any certification requested. 

Upon completion the technician will provide the customer with a detailed worksheet, highlighting any repairs carried out along with details of any parts fitted (Parts are only fitted once agreed with the customer) If required a separate PUWER 98 certificate can be issued at no extra cost for manual pallet trucks and a LOLER certificate for high lift pallet trucks.

Once the customer is satisfied with the work, the worksheet will require a signature. An invoice will be raised for customers who have not used the pre pay option. Payment can be made by either cheque, debit/credit card or by Bank transfer.

Which pallet truck is right for our company?

This question is best answered either by a site visit from one of our technicians, or by calling our sales office on 0114 3489190 

Not everyone will need to buy the premium pallet trucks we have, many will be sufficiently happy with the Pramac or TotalLifter models, and in some cases these models may not only be better suited to your pocket, but also your needs.